One of the best choice for your electrostatic earphones—NRA



NRA is another budget offering from us . Our brand CCA is a well know for making budget I.E.M in different price ranges. There NRA line is said to feature a electrostatic and magnetic driver implementation.



Price: $23-24

10mm 3 Magnetic Dynamic Driver with 6.8mm electrostatic driver.

Impedance: 18Ω.

Cable port: 2 Pin 0.75mm gold plated pins

Frequency Response Range: 20Hz-40kHz.

Sensitivity: 103dB

What’s in the box:

The Box is your typical CCA box, a white colored box with the picture of the NRA in front and some technical Specs at the back, nothing that special. The following articles are inside:


Crystal silver plated cable

Typical white silicon tips 



My Subjective Impressions:

This i.e.m. is a warm to neutral sounding i.e.m. it can hold its piece for busy tracks, but don’t expect too much. The vocals are a bit laid back (just a bit) but still is fine.


The Bass is very textured, it has depth and thickness in it. It kind of resembles the EDX bass but without air and is well controlled. Basically, the bass feels accurate and well detailed. It has a thump feeling and at times feels punchy. It does not overpower the mids nor did I feel any form of bleed from them (not yet). You can really feel the waves of the bass guitars and the thumb of the bass pedals and the strike of the snares.


The Mids are also good, they are a bit laid back (just a little) but still is still defined and well detailed. The mids are more textured for the NRA vs the EDX Mids.


The highs are nice. Its not peaky nor elevated, its just right. The cymbals sound crispy, as well as the strums of the strings. Even at higher volumes the highs sound nice.

Soundstage and imaging

On non-busy tracks, you can basically hear every instrument as well as where they may be located. On busy tracks it at times had a hard time to be accurate.  Sound stage is quite good. Feels as if I’m inside a middle-sized room.


For $24 this can be a good starting I.E.M for beginners. Sound quality is nice, decent and detailed too. Overall, my experience with the NRA is quite enjoyable and FUN.

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